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 "Home with God"

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Localisation : Suisse
Date d'inscription : 16/09/2005

MessageSujet: "Home with God"   Dim 12 Fév - 20:30

Chers amis internautes,

Le dernier livre de Neale Walsch (auteur des "Conversatons avec Dieu") va paraître en Anglais fin mars. Il est intituté : "Home with God in a life that never ends" et va, comme son nom l'indique, traiter de la mort et de la vie après la mort.

Comme c'est un sujet qui nous tient à coeur sur ce site et ce forum, j'ai cru bon d'en faire ici la publicité. Personnellement, j'aime beaucoup ce qu'écrit Walsch mais, une fois encore cela n'engage que moi !

Voici le texte annonçant cette parution :

"We have an opportunity to make a real impact in the world the week of Mar. 27th.

There is something simple that we can do

that can ultimately bring profound benefit to many others.

I almost hate to mention how we can do this, because in some ways it smacks so much of "self promotion"...yet I know in a larger sense that something like this can really make a difference, so I'm going to ask your permission to roll this out here, and I'm going to trust that you understand that this is not about promoting myself, this is about bringing a wonderful message to the world---a message that has apparently touched your own life in a very positive way, or you wouldn't even be visiting this webpage right now.

We are inviting all of you to join with us in making the week of March 27th Home with God Week in every country of the world. We are doing this to help carry the extraordinary message in HOME WITH GOD to people everywhere.

HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends is the latest and final text in the Conversations with God series. It looks deeply at the process of death and dying, describing what occurs in the moments following our departure from physicality, the journey of the Soul through its merging with The Essence...and the miracle of re-emergence, when the Unified Soul becomes once again a Singular Expression of Divinity, carrying the same identity it carried at death, but with an Expanded Awareness that produces the experience of what humans call "heaven," "paradise," "nirvana," or "bliss."

This astonishing book carries information that has never appeared in any form in a previous CwG dialogue. It will bring to its readers gentle comfort and a deep awareness of the glory and the wonder of life---life that never ends. It is as much about the here and now as it is about the hereafter, for, as the book itself declares, when you unravel the deepest mysteries about death, you unravel the deepest mysteries about life.

What we are inviting people around the world to do is to obtain a copy of this wonderful book THE WEEK OF MARCH 27TH, 2006.

If everyone who loves the CwG material and the messages it contains will obtain this book during the SAME WEEK, we have a chance to place HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends on the Best Seller List. And the reason for doing this? If HOME WITH GOD becomes a best seller, it will come to the attention of many, many more people than it might otherwise reach---sending its healing and comforting message far and wide.

YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Especially if you think you might buy this book anyway, we are asking you to buy it on March 29th (our "target" day, or anytime during the Week of March 27-31). You can do this easily and conveniently by going to or and ordering the book online.

LET'S ALL JOIN TOGETHER AND SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE TO THE WORLD COMMUNITY, offering new ideas about God, about Life, and about the reason and the purpose behind all existence. These ideas could change the world.

Thanks for making this happen!"

Je trouve que c'est une très bonne idée. Si beaucoup de gens achètent ce livre le même jour, il va devenir un BEST SELLER et, ainsi, le message sur la vie après la vie pourra atteindre un nombre très important de personnes.

Connaissant les autres livres de Walsch, je pense que ce qui est écrit dans ce nouveau livre doit très largement rejoindre ce que nous disons sur ce forum. J'en fais le pari. Si je me trompe, je ferai mon mea culpa publiquement !!!!!!!!!

Je pense que le rôle de ce site est de soutenir tout ce qui va dans le bon sens pour une meilleure connaissance et une meilleure compréhension de qui nous sommes vraiment.

Avec mes excuses, par avance, si je me suis trompée !

Très amicalement. flower


Ne laissez personne réfléchir à votre place !
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"Home with God"
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